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Private and urgent funding

A fast solution for funding without bank !!!

Our enterprise is specialized in private grant funding and private loans with minimum rate of 7 to 9% business year on an amortization of 30 years with maximum term of 5 years. Looking to buy a home or refinancing at a lower cost when your bank does not allow you to borrow, pay or consolidate other debts or tax , that is the alternative for those who have limited budgets. For those who are credit repair , we can go up to 85% of the value or purchase price of the property.

In consideration of the current real estate market as well as the funding, it is increasingly difficult for most people to have access to credit or refinance their property to pay their debts , or settling their debts tax . Buyers are increasingly scarce and property values declining in some areas ..

Here is what we can do for you:

Financing to buy a property
Financing for payment of claims
Financing for payment of debts gourvernementales
Financing for consolidation
Financing for refinance your property
Urgent financing on warranty property
Finacing type "réméré"
Up to date your credit

We have an exclusive product to allow private financing as low interest rates, in order to consolidate debts, protect assets against creditors and allow families with credit problems or of debts to have Acces to the credit

We put at your disposal legal resources, tax, accounting, and institutional and once open and your file is complete, the process is very fast!

The solutions we offer are short term solutions because our goal is not just to make a loan and meet an immediate need, but we also hope that you can eventually find the opportunity to do business again with an institution traditional financial, once your credit restored ..

Do as hundreds have already done contact us !
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