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Plan - V:
Sell a property!

You want to sell your property??

The decision has been made. You want to sell. But you have yet to determine how to go about it. Or who you’ll do business with. The best option by far is to work with a real estate agency. The agency has the required skill, experience, tools, along with access to the unbeatable power of the MLS system.

An agency in most cases will sell your property faster and better. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the transaction is secure, legal, and most importantly done with your best financial interests in mind.

You need to decide whether you’re selling a price or your property ?

Your primary concern is getting results. Please do take a few minutes to read through the testimonials. You’ll find some sincere messages confirming a very high level of satisfaction..

For this success, we must a plan !!

Here is what I offer to you !!

fair and professional evaluation of your property . This is the basic pillar of the transaction .. a bad evaluation may seriously jeopardize the sale and make you lose a lot of time ! Once the agreed selling price , an agreement will be concluded for three months
The development of your property , 2nd important step .A Home Staging session may be necessary .. A professional will move freely and put the property value to you .. (a $ 400 value)
The presentation and layout of your property ! You can enjoy free professional photo session and a virtual link will be attached to the description for a great viewing angle and theater .. a big plus for buyers!
(a $ 250 value)
The marketing of your property appropriately and effectively ! Not only will your property will be seen on the MLS powerful network in 2 languages, but also placed free on more than 30 provincial, national and international sites at once .. millions of visitors each month , serious and qualified for faster transaction buyers (worth $ 350)
The regular presence of your property for free in newspapers and on their websites, as well as maximum visibility on social networks! With this combination, paper, website and social networks, thousands of people have access to your property! (a $ 350 value)
A professional monthly open house well prepared and well planned! It will give many potential buyers the opportunity to visit the house already featured on internet
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